Falcons Cheerleading

The Lombard Falcons Cheerleading Program is what keeps our league energized! The Lombard Falcons entire league would like to continue with this tradition and in order to do this we need the support of every parent on both the football and the cheer side.

Lombard Falcons Cheerleading provides fundamental skills, techniques, dance routines, stunting, and tumbling in preparation for junior high and high school cheerleading. Our program offers support during games to our football players.

Our cheer program starts at age 4 (mini cheer) through varsity cheer. Practices will be held two evenings per week with game(s) on weekends. Additional fundraising may be required for cheer gifts, homecoming, team parties, and other extra events.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email


The Lombard Falcons are striving to improve the following for our Cheer Program:
Consistent Sportsmanship
Strong Self-confidence
Becoming Team Players & Role Models for our younger groups
Displaying a hardworking and positive attitude

Thank you for your continued support in our Cheer Program.
Lombard Falcons

Cheer Committee Members

Cheer Director Heather Lithas
Cheer Technical Manager Stephanie Vazquez
Cheer Inventory Coordinator Arielle McKenzie & Kate Hajduk
Mini Cheer Coordinator Kristen Tunney
Cheer Fundraiser Coordinator Kristen Tunney
Cheer Performance Coordinator Kate Hajduk
Cheer Secretary Jen Kuehl

Interested in Coaching?

2024 Football & Cheer Coaching

Coach interviews will be held soon and information will be posted here. Please check back regularly for updates.


If interested in coaching this season please print and complete the coaches application below. If possible please email completed application to


Assistant Coaches please inform our board of what level you are interested in coaching. Interviews for assistant coaches are not necessary.