Safety is a primary concern of the Lombard Falcons. Football is a contact sport and cheerleading includes tumbling and stunting, and like any sport injuries could occur. Our organization has high quality protective equipment specially designed for football as well as high-quality mats for cheer. Each team coach is supplied with a safety bag that includes a variety of medical supplies, but please keep in mind that coaches make safety a priority but are not trained medical professionals; It is always best if a parent or guardian is present at all games, practices, and competitions.

If your child has any type of injury, you should contact the coach immediately to let them know before the child practices or plays in a game. Any injured player that requires medical attention will be required to present a doctor's release when returning to practice.

Our football coaching staff are required to attend heads-up training through USA Football, where they learn how to identify dehydration, heat-related symptoms, and concussions, and how to react to each. They also learn how to quickly put procedures in place to react in case a cardiac event occurs.